We offer a broad range of services to provide customized solutions for your MR needs.

These include:

Consultation on the development of MR protocols for specific experimental paradigms including exercise, infusion protocols and clinical research studies.


Advice on data processing and analysis utilizing standard proprietary packages – NUTS, JMRUI, LCmodel. Customized software tools and routines can also be developed.


Programming of customized pulse sequences for a variety of platforms including Bruker Paravision, Varian VnmrJ, Siemens IDEA VE.


Evaluation of scanner specifications for replacement or new MR system installations.


Advice on the use of stable isotope labelling strategies to investigate specific metabolic mechanisms.


The development of metabolic modelling approaches to evaluate timecourses of dynamic MRS data.

In addition to remote consultation, PeakAnalysts will also perform site visits to your facility.